Thanasup Leasing & Finance Co., Ltd.

Activities and Events

Thanasup frequently hosts exciting and fun activities with an aim to build healthy relationships both within the organisation as well as with external business partners and associates.

List of the most recent Thanasup activities (in reverse chronological order):


13 July 2019

Thanasup Leasing and Finance Co., Ltd. Along with the whole staff, was the ceremony held at SOKYAI Temple, XAITHANY District, Vientiane Capital Lao PDR, the company also donated funds to contribute to the construction of Buddhism at SOKYAI Temple.


02 Aug 2018

Thanasup Leasing and Finance Co., Ltd. offered 1,296 Kg of glutinous rice to support the effected families in SANAMXAY District, Attapeu Province and Head of Jommany village Officer in Vientiane Capital has received and delivered on our behalf.

On July 2018

Thanasup Leasing and Finance Co., Ltd. had donated 21 sets of Computer PCs to 16 villages and 2 Courts in Vientiane Capital in July 2018 to increase their work productivity.


28 July 2018

On 28/7/2018 Thanasup leasing and Finance co., Ltd had donated clothes, food and drink for helping people at Sanamxay District, Auttapeu provice that effect from floods, via Foundation for Assisting poor people of Lao PDR (Rescue 1623).

13 July 2018

On 13 Jul 2018 Thanasup leasing and Finance co., Ltd had participated Thank you ceremony at Lao Development Bank building that supporting fund to the youth committee of Ministry of National Defense, for working in field area via youth committee of Bank of Laos.


June 2018

Staff Activity of Thanasup leasing and Finance Ltd. Last month on 24/06/2018 we had conducted fire extinguisher training for all Thanasup staff around 70 people. We have the trainer from Protect Fire extinguisher and prevention Department. The training curse has divided in to theory part and practice, that made the participant interesting and exciting to learn such as the cause of fire extinguisher, object of burning, practicing how to use fire distinguisher.


Thanasup leasing & Finance co.,ltd and employees organized charity by offering lunch to Buddhist monks in wat nohnsengchanh, xaythany District and also contributed the money to the construction of Buddhist church or phutthasima.


December 2013

At the end of the year, Thanasup organised an R&R trip to Vangvieng for its employees to wind down and have a fun bonding session amongst them.


Employees of Thanasup joined in a traditional religious ceremony at the Jommany Temple to pray for prosperity for the upcoming year.



Thanasup and Inlao International Company, distributors of TVS motorcycles from India, co-hosting a joint promotion during the Thatluang Festival.


Thanasup held a Baci ceremony at the end of the year to bless the new year 2013. The ceremony was attended by many of its employees and generated lots of fun and happiness.



Team-building activities hosted by Thanasup for its staff at Thalath city. In this period of great fun and enjoyment, the Pink Team emerged victorious in the various games.


First Stallions mini motorcycles caravan in Lao, departing from Vientiane to Thalath city. Mr Somsin Aroonpairoj, General Manager of Thanasup, leads the team of more than 15 motorcycles.